TippingChairs were created and are hand made to order in a small town in the Berkshire Mountains of northwestern Massachusetts. Production began in early 2016 and at present there are just two chair makers:

Richie Doucette is currently a Journeyman Chairmaker and the Shop Manager. He is the primary organizational force in the company (he resists entropy well) and will take charge of production as we grow. He lives nearby with his artist wife and their two energetic young sons.

J. Craig Robertson, the inventor and designer of the TippingChair, has been a residential design builder of high performance structures and integrated renewable energy systems for the past 20+ years. He now expects to be at work on new models and applications of his chairs for the forseeable future. He also resides in the Berkshires with his very patient wife and from time to time, their two adult daughters.

We’re interested in hearing from people who are using our chairs about their experience with them. We are also looking for reliable sources of sustainably harvested local hardwoods, and in talking to woodworkers that might be interested in making chair parts for us.

You can contact us at interest@tippingchairs.com.

TippingChairs are patent pending. All rights reserved.

Please address Intellectual Property or licensing inquiries to: