A TippingChair is an entirely new and different way to sit:

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It is minimal, portable, tippable, hangable -- a bit improbable -- and it will look just as good hanging on your living room or workplace wall as it feels tipping effortlessly forward and back underneath you. It has a small seat that makes bad sitting posture impossible. Your own two feet together with your core and quad muscles, are what keep it perfectly balanced and upright.

TippingChairs offer two modes of sitting:   Static sitting, with the narrow prop foot resting on the floor and the chair supporting you almost (but not exactly) like an ordinary chair, especially if you are mindful and deliberate when sitting down or rising up.   Dynamic sitting leans the chair forward so that the prop lifts off the floor and suddenly you are in balance, poised in space, aware and free to pivot effortlessly back and forth. You may notice a quiet alertness. Movement is fluid, silent and effortless and mind and muscles remain engaged either in motion or in balance.


Once you are seated in the chair it vanishes from your sight and you will be conscious of its narrow back firmly and comfortably supporting your lower spine. The chair lifts off the wall and assembles easily and it will allow you to alight anywhere that your body will fit, making it perfect for perching alongside any arrangement of ordinary furniture or for staking out your own perfect spot in a room. Dinner guests, special guests, meetings in small offices, or a moment of reflection or respite during an otherwise busy day; a TippingChair is a place you’ll want to be in frequently...

Here’s how they look in action...

TippingChair Images